Personal Account Services

Account Services Centered on Your Ease and Convenience

R Bank offers personal help when you need it and robust technology for your freedom and control when you want to bank on your own.

The R Bank electronic suite of Online Banking, Ea$y Pay bill payment, earth-friendly E-Statements, and automatic Overdraft Services allow you to bank online with ease any time you like. See your current balances, make transfers or loan payments, review E-Statements, and much more from the secure convenience of your computer.

If you ever need help or want to reorder Harland Clarke checks without hassles or errors, your R Banker is only a phone call or quick visit away.


R Way to Bank When You Want

Online Banking

With R Bank’s Online Banking, you may access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere a computer and internet connection are available. Our online banking features will give you an unprecedented level of control, freedom, and flexibility. It’s safe, fast, and easy to manage your finances on your terms.

  • Convenience. R schedule is your schedule. Any time you want to bank is a good time for Online Banking.
  • Control. See your accounts online with detail and clarity. Make transfers, pay loans, and check balances with ease. View transactions and download account information. Use Ea$y Pay to knock out bills quickly. You have direct control of your banking relationship.
  • Confidence. Rest assured your online banking access is secure and private. R Bank uses strict controls and adheres to industry standards toward fraud and loss prevention.

Mobile Banking

For Personal and Business Online Banking. We have FREE** apps for your iPhone, iPad and Android phone that will allow you to view your account balances and transfer between those accounts. With these apps you are able to locate a banking center or an R Bank ATM near you.

**Standard data rates apply.
Users must have an active Online Banking profile.

Text Banking

Quick answers are as simple as sending a text! With Text Banking, you can receive timely responses from R Bank with the information you need to get through the day. You’ll be able to make quick transfers as necessary – even in the checkout line at the grocery store. Text Banking is a FREE** service to our customers. Enroll today!

**Standard messaging rates apply.
Enrollment required through an Online Banking Session.
Contact your banking center for assistance.

Ea$y Pay

It Pays to Go Ea$y

Ea$y Pay online bill payment service is R Bank’s way to save you time and money, and cut out needless paper and clutter.

  • Fast. Setting up your Ea$y Pay and making your first online payment is simple and quick. Every month just gets faster and better, as you tell Ea$y Pay which bills and how much to pay. Done.
  • Inexpensive. R Bank pays the postage, so you never owe a cent to have your bills paid reliably and on time.
  • Green. With Ea$y Pay, your bills are paid electronically whenever possible. If you have paperless billing already, Ea$y Pay can make your bill payments completely paper-free.

As a bonus, Ea$y Pay tracks your last payment date and amount, so you always know your account is current, and you will never miss a payment.


Enjoy R Easy E-Statements

You will love what we say about bank statements: We make E-Statements fast, accurate, and electronic to preserve the environment and protect your personal data by skipping the mailbox altogether.

  • Timely. R Bank E-Statements arrive immediately in your online banking account, allowing you to confirm right away that your account is in order. Receive an e-mail reminder from R Bank that your E-Statement has arrived for viewing in your online banking account.
  • Green. E-Statements add no burden on the earth, and past E-Statements are available online. No more filing or searching. Reconciling is easy with Money®, QuickBooks® or Quicken®.
  • Safe. The ancient past of statements that dropped in the mail, were sorted and delivered, and then sat vulnerable for hours or days in your mailbox are over. E-Statements travel securely and electronically directly to you.

When used regularly with Online Banking and Ea$y Pay, E-Statements give you up-to-the-minute, constant control of your account. Never again will you be in doubt where you stand.

Overdraft Services

R Bank Strikes Out Overdrafts

R Bank offers Overdraft Services to send potential overdraft fees, inconvenience, and embarrassment back to the dugout.

  • Privilege. A minimum amount of Overdraft Privilege* is added to your personal checking account to cover unexpected purchases or a simple error in tracking your balance. We pay the item and charge a minimal fee to cover the item. You avoid fees from businesses and the time and trouble of replacing a returned check.
  • Protection. If you have another deposit account, you can add Overdraft Protection to transfer funds automatically to cover an overdraft in another account. What could be simpler than protecting yourself with your own funds?

R Bank wants you to enjoy your banking, without worrying about unnecessary hassles and interruptions. Live your life, with the comfort of knowing R Bank has you covered.

*Generally, overdraft privilege is granted in the amount of $300.00 for Ea$y Checking and $500.00 for other personal checking accounts after the account remains in good standing for 30 days. Effective August 1, 2010 we will not authorize and pay overdrafts for everyday debit card and ATM transactions unless you have authorized R Bank to do so. See the Deposit Account Agreement for more information on Overdraft Privilege.

Check Reorder

Check, Please! R Bank is Happy to Serve

We live to serve you at R Bank. So give us a call before your checks run out, and we will happily handle your next Harland Check Reorder for you, making any changes you need right away.

  • Convenient. Why bother with order options for color, style, size, check numbers, and more, when your R Banker will handle all the details for you? We can show you a wide range of selections, and then place your order flawlessly.
  • Accurate. We start with your existing account records, then make any changes you need, and show you a preview before ordering. Your checks will be just right.
  • Economical. Your Harland Check Reorder features sturdy security paper and competitive prices across styles and colors.

A hassle-free check reorder may seem a small favor, but R Bankers love to serve, especially when we can make your banking experience a little easier, and better than ever.