Loans For Home, For Business, and All Your Dreams

R Bank knows Loans, even if we could never imagine all the different ways you might want to use a loan to realize your hopes, your dreams, or your business strategies.

Our Personal Loans cover a range of consumer possibilities, including cars, boats, education, and more. We originate Residential Home Mortgages for you, giving you full advantage of our expertise to tame an otherwise unruly and time-consuming process. If you are already in a home, we will arrange a Home Equity Loan for you to allow you to borrow prudently to add onto or renovate your home or take advantage of your equity for any number of other purposes.

With Business Loans, R Bank helps you finance the equipment, land, buildings, and working capital with Commercial Loans that let you execute on your vision and win in business. We also specialize in Agricultural Loans, drawing on R Bankers’ particular expertise with farming and ranching businesses, and the unusual borrowing sometimes required for crop and livestock production, breeding, seasonal revenues, and more.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans Make Big Goals Achievable
R Bank offers personal loans for just about any purpose. Whether you need to borrow a little or a lot, you’ll enjoy personal service, affordable rates and competitive terms on a variety of flexible, convenient lending services to suit your unique situation. We can provide the purchasing power you need!

We offer loans for:

  • Vacations
  • Auto and Boat
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvement
  • Residential Mortgage Loans
Our Lenders

Commercial Loans

When you want to manage or expand your business, R Bank Commercial Loans give you access to financing that makes the difference between merely competing and taking the lead in your market or industry. Our loan philosophy and policies are based around a common-sense approach to lending. While simple, this approach requires us to know our clients, understand their credit needs, and be much more than just an answer to a single transaction. We will use every opportunity to earn your trust and become the solution for your everyday banking needs.

  • Flexible. Commercial Loans are available for any business purpose - equipment, buildings, vehicles, and more - and with a range of terms and amounts, in tune with your needs and goals.
  • Empowering. Now your business can expand, or add a location, or enter a new market, purely because R Bank gives you the financial muscle to follow your strategic plan.
  • Customized. Your Commercial Lender will work with you to make sure your Commercial Loan gives you what you need to succeed without overburdening your ongoing cash flow. Secured or unsecured, for traditional purposes or as working capital to advance accounts receivable, our loans match their use beautifully.
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Agriculture Loans

Bank On the Same Soil You Till
R Bank is firmly planted on Central Texas soil, just like your farm or ranch. When we offer Agricultural Loans, you can be sure you will find strong ag-related expertise and understanding. Agricultural Loans are a separate service at R Bank because we know farming and ranching are not like any other business. Bank locally and see what a difference local knowledge can make.

  • Ag-Centered. R Bankers have specific experience with the business challenges of farming and ranching. We will finance crop and livestock production, equipment, breeding, land purchases, and more.
  • Seasonal. We know well that sensible repayment terms include quarterly, semiannual, and annual options to respond to seasonal revenues. Your R Banker will get to know your specific ag business in detail before suggesting a loan product.
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Residential Mortgage

We want you to feel at home with R Bank, right down to the purchase of your own home. We offer a Residential Home Mortgage that minimizes the effort to apply and offers a great rate at the right term once you qualify. Getting a Residential Home Mortgage has never been a more solemn commitment. We take your new home loan decision personally, providing you the care and attention you deserve for what may be your largest purchase ever.

  • Painless. Our mortgage lenders and staff are responsive and experienced and emphasize speed and quality in the delivery of our mortgage services. Best of all, we’ll help process your loan application quickly!
  • Appropriate. At R Bank, we are committed to arranging mortgages that match your net worth and ability to pay. We will work with you to ensure that the length and amount of your mortgage are just right.
  • Complete. Your R Banker will not be satisfied until your mortgage is funded and finalized, and you are settled in your new home. R Bankers’ decades of experience ensure your documents will be right and ready.
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