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Protect Your Identity

Security Center

Every day, countless individuals risk becoming victims to malicious cybercriminals pretending to be their bank. These fraudsters utilize a variety of techniques – from emails and texts, all the way through phone calls- in order to try and gain access to unsuspecting people’s private information.

Fraud Prevention Information

Your personal information is important. It’s used for your financial identity and your online identity. It’s necessary to know how to protect yourself, and your identity.

Watch for Red Flags

We will never contact you for any of this information, and we certainly would never use these words. These are red flags! Make sure if you receive any of these; end the call, delete the text, and send the email to trash.

* If you call your bank, you may be asked to verify confidential information, but it is rarely the other way around. If you are ever in doubt, or if you feel pressured to give up information right away, it is a scam. Call the number on the back of your card to talk to a real bank employee

Stay Safe From Scams With These Tips

What You Should Do

If you receive an email, text or call you believe is a phishing attempt:
– Do not click on any links that you see. These links will direct you to fraudulent websites.
– Do not download any attachments. These attachments may contain any type of malware, including: viruses, worms or spyware.
– Do not reply. Ignore any requests from the sender and do not call any phone numbers provided.
– Report it. Help fight by reporting them to the BBB Scam Tracker

BBB Scam Tracker