Business Services

Business Services Bring You Time and Customers

Time-saving banking solutions that allow you to reach more customers are good for business.

R Bank’s Remote Banking and Merchant Services are like having a mini-branch in your business for all non-cash transactions. Now you can process checks and credit/debit cards and see the amounts reach your account instantly. Increase your business and free yourself from trips to the bank, or use our Night Depository to extend your banking hours.

Business Online Banking

R Stands for Remote, Really

Strong, safe, and simple to use, Business Online Banking fits with R Bank’s personal banking relationship with you. Bank the way you like, and know the R Bank will answer your every need, no matter the medium.

  • Fast. Remote Banking means payments from your customers are credited as quickly as possible, using your on-site check scanner which will deposit items directly to your account.
  • Convenient. Now, any business transaction you need can be made online, by scan, or by phone with your friendly R Banker. You would only need to come into R Bank when making a deposit where cash is involved. Otherwise, check deposits can be made from the convenience of your office.
  • Secure. Since much less paper is involved and every transaction is digitally encrypted, your business operations are protected from unwelcome intrusion or exposure.

Easy Solutions | Detect Safe Browsing

R Bank has partnered with Easy Solutions to provide you with Detect Safe Browsing, an industry-leading anti-fraud application designed to protect your information when you are using R Bank’s Online Banking.  

Treasury Management

Keep Your Cash, Make it Work

You work hard in business to generate sales. Keep what you earn and put it to work quicker and more securely with R Bank Cash Management services.

  • Immediacy. Get a handle on your cash quickly with online banking services that allow for real-time balances, constant access to statements and transaction downloads, plus one-time and recurring transactions.
  • Convenience. Use easy and available online access to originate wire transfers, ACH originations, and bill payments. Make the most of your cash flow with sweep accounts that link your accounts to automatically maximize your balances in the highest interest-bearing accounts.
  • Control. Now you have the control to operate your business online with R Bank’s Cash Management features, such as ACH origination, Positive Pay with account reconciliation and many more services.

Your business is exactly like no other. R Bankers know that, and will use every service available to help you get cash into your account and keep it there for your safe and easy use.

Merchant Services

Take Charge of Payment Processing

R Bank Merchant Services put you in control of your customer payment processing system, allowing you to handle traditional forms of payment, as well as leading technology, with ease.

  • Cards. Our card acceptance service allows you to receive payment from credit or debit cards issued by VISA® or, MasterCard®. Issue your own customer-loyalty or gift cards, too, to increase existing business and attract new customers.
  • Checks. Reduce greatly the risk of returned checks by using our instant check verification services, or go farther by adding point-of-sale check conversion to ACH transaction.
  • Online. The power of the internet gives you control of your R Bank Business account with the option of internet payment processing and electronic funds transfer, and online banking to monitor and manage your services.

With R Bank as your merchant partner, your customer payment relationships can grow and yet become less risky and more reliable. R Bank wants your customer relationships to be as flexible and powerful as your relationship with your own R Banker.

Night Depository

Day R Night Banking

We want to be there when you need us, so our Night Depository is available any time. R Bank never sleeps, and that means you can make your deposit safely on your schedule.

  • Timely. Whatever your schedule, our Night Depository is open for business.
  • Safe. Why keep money in your car, your home, or any other less-secure place, when you can drop by R Bank and remove all concern. Cash especially needs a safe overnight home.
  • Responsive. In combination with R Bank ATM machines, you can carry out basic banking even after the sun has set.