About Us

R Bank. R People. Your Success.



At R Bank, we’re a passionate team of banking professionals dedicated to revitalizing the essence of community banking. We believe in fostering personal relationships to fully understand your banking goals while delivering innovative, tech-savvy financial solutions. Our founders, deeply rooted in Round Rock and its neighboring communities, established R Bank with a steadfast commitment to upholding the values of community-driven banking and nurturing the local economy, laying the foundation for an institution that serves as a pillar of support for our local communities.


When we set out to name R Bank, we wanted something that encapsulated our commitment to the community, customers, employees, shareholders, and fellow bankers. The letter “R” replaces “our” to create a short, distinctive, and easily recognizable name representing our collective goals and aspirations.


At the heart of R Bank, we prioritize two main objectives: assembling the best team of community bankers and employing the latest banking technology. We’ve brought together a staff of highly accomplished and experienced professionals who are committed to long-term relationships with customers. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to securely deliver an unparalleled banking experience in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing us more time to understand our customers and less time processing transactions.


When you choose R Bank, our community bankers will genuinely listen to your financial needs and desires, helping you craft customized solutions that empower you to achieve your goals. Whether you require personal, business, or a combination of services, our commitment to fostering personal relationships with every customer ensures we go the extra mile to help you attain your financial objectives. Welcome to R Bank – where modern technology meets the warmth of community banking.