Residential Home Mortgage

A Bank That Feels Like Home Delivers Your Home

We want you to feel at home with R Bank, right down to the purchase of your own home. We offer a Residential Home Mortgage that minimizes the effort to apply and offers a great rate at the right term once you qualify.

  • Painless. Our mortgage lenders and staff are responsive and experienced and emphasize speed and quality in the delivery of our mortgage services. Best of all, we’ll help process your loan application quickly!
  • Appropriate. At R Bank, we are committed to arranging mortgages that match your net worth and ability to pay. We will work with you to ensure that the length and amount of your mortgage are just right.
  • Complete. Your R Banker will not be satisfied until your mortgage is funded and finalized, and you are settled in your new home. R Bankers’ decades of experience ensure your documents will be right and ready.

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Getting a Residential Home Mortgage has never been a more solemn commitment. We take your new home loan decision personally, providing you the care and attention you deserve for what may be your largest purchase ever.