President’s Message

Steve Stapp | President & CEO

R Bank opened its doors in June of 2009 in the middle of a financial crisis and economic downturn. We have grown from 1 location and 12 employees to 10 locations and over 150 employees. We are fortunate to do business in some of the most dynamic markets in our state and our nation. Our primary reason for success is our people. We have the most talented, dedicated, and motivated group of people in any business. We are all united under one goal of creating mutually beneficial relationships between our customers, our communities, and our company.

We do not process transactions; we create relationships with our customers, our communities, and our stakeholders. Every interaction we have with these groups is an opportunity to get better and do more for those we serve. This has been a difference-maker for us in all the markets where we are located.

We are a locally owned community bank with a Board of Directors that own or manage businesses in Central and North Texas. We make our loan decisions locally and pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time. We have experienced lenders who can quickly respond to loan requests, which gives us a competitive advantage.

When you interact with one of our bankers, you are working with a decision-maker who can listen to you and help you find solutions for your personal and professional success. We empower our people to make decisions to provide timely and beneficial service in the shortest time possible.