Business Checking

For every style of business, R Bank has a business bank account that fits your profile well. R Bank understands business owners. Backed by an experienced team of bankers, our seasoned staff and streamlined approach allow us to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you’re looking to create or expand your business, save and grow your revenue, or remain always ready to seize opportunities, R Bank has you covered. Our range of business checking accounts are designed to support your journey towards success.

Commercial Checking

Commercial Strength Personalized for You
R Bank’s personal touch means Commercial Checking is no longer a trade-off of complexity to get business features. We make it easy and automatically tailored to the way you bank for business. Consider your Commercial Checking account the foundation of a great business banking relationship. R Bank means business, built to serve your unique way of doing business.

  • Simple. This straightforward account-analysis account quite possibly may be the only business account you may need. Bank as you wish, and let R Bank monitor your activity.
  • Economical. Our low minimum to open and monthly fee mean that you can start your account and keep it going through thick and thin. Earnings credit on non-interest balances to help offset fees and save you money.
  • Customized. Account analysis tracks deposits, debits, ACH, and more to ensure that your monthly fees and charges match the level of activity you need.
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Smart Business Checking

An R Bank Smart Business Checking account may just be the smartest way to handle your business checking needs. With a modest minimum daily balance and low transaction volume, it may even be totally free. If your business allows you to maintain a modest minimum daily balance and a handful of transactions or less each day, open an R Smart Business Checking account today and enjoy great value from now on.

  • Value. With a low minimum to open, your account may be free, as long as you maintain the current daily minimum balance and stay below our limit for monthly items.
  • Fair. This account offers a fair value based on your balance and transactions. Should you exceed limits, the account charges are minor, giving you peace of mind for any business environment.
  • Flexible. Each month is a clean slate with Smart Business Checking, allowing you to match your business activity to low - or even no - expense for the account.
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Business Interest Checking

Go Large Without Going Corporate
R Bank Business Interest Checking rewards charities, clubs, and associations, as well as individual business owners with great interest-bearing value, without the need to be a for-profit corporation. Enjoy the big benefits of robust business banking with R Bank at a low fee and zero hassle. Your business or organization just feels bigger, more flexible, and more powerful with Business Interest Checking. Yet, you retain the simplicity and clarity of a basic account.

  • Special. Business Interest Checking is reserved for non-profit organizations and sole proprietorships. It's the business checking value that delivers corporate advantages for entrepreneurs and community organizations.
  • Simple. A low minimum to open and a small monthly service charge, if your minimum daily balance dips below a pre-set minimum balance, make this account a breeze. That's all you really need to remember about this lean, easy-to-use account.
  • Substantial. Despite its modest description, Business Interest Checking packs a punch, with interest compounded daily and paid monthly on your collected balance above the minimum daily balance. You also get free Online Banking, Easy Pay bill payment, and R Bank Cash & Check Card (accepted anywhere MasterCard® is accepted), along with convenient access through Pulse® and Cirrus® ATMs and On Call, R Bank's 24-hour telephone banking system.
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