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If You Like R Bank, We May Have a Role for You

R Bank looks for personable and professional R Bankers who love to serve people. If you think your values and commitment match R Bank’s, we would like to talk to you about career opportunities.


Attitude. If you love to help people and enjoy building lasting relationships, you may be right for R Bank. Customer service is key, backed by an ability to learn continually, and the drive to see your customers succeed.






Experience. R Bank has a deeply experienced team and welcomes new additions who also have plenty of time in banking. Everyone is unique, to be sure, and we strive to match varying backgrounds with the roles that best suit.






Professionalism. Personal touch is essential and so is the character and ability to support friendliness with strong technical ability and problem-solving aptitude. We want you to look the part and live it, too.






Available Positions:

R Bank emphasizes a diverse team with a rich collection of backgrounds. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Resumes along with Cover Letters, in PDF or Microsoft Word format, may be submitted through our secure online portal. Click the link below to get started.

For any questions, please contact We look forward to meeting you and discussing all you and R Bank have to share.

Caution: Please do not send your account number, social security number, passwords, or any other confidential information via regular email. Such information is transmitted over an unsecured connection

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We do not process transactions; we create relationships with our customers, our communities, and our stakeholders. Every interaction we have with these groups is an opportunity to get better and do more for those we serve. This has been a difference-maker for us in all the markets where we are located.

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