11/07/2023: Scams Targeting Veterans and Active Military

As Veterans Day approaches, it is important to thank and honor our veterans for their service and sacrifices. This is also an opportunity for scammers to take advantage. Scammers target veterans and active military members to steal their benefits, using various methods to achieve their goal.

What scams should you look out for?

Common Types of Veterans Scams:

1. Imposter Scams: Scammers pretending to be representatives from official organizations, like the government or your bank. They will ask for personal information– like your Social Security Number, bank account, credit or debit card information, etc.

  • Red flags: Random calls or emails, requests for sensitive information, pressure tactics.

2. Job Scams: Fake job postings or recruitment tactics exploiting veterans’ desire for employment. Scammers will impersonate legitimate businesses and will sometimes even reach out by email or text.

  • Red flags: Requests for money, vague job descriptions, pressure to act quickly.

Protecting Yourself from Veterans Scams:

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you should follow these tips to protect yourself from scammers:

  •  Don’t trust caller ID. It’s easy for a scammer to fake a number they are calling from.
  • Never give personal information over the phone or through email. Financial institutions will never reach out to you over the phone for your personal information. Always contact a company using their official website or phone number you know is real.
  • Avoid clicking on links received from unknown texts or emails. These are often scammers running a phishing scam, pretending to be a company you know or associate with. If you clicked any link by mistake, update your device’s security software.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you suspect a scam, report it to the appropriate authorities

  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the VA for assistance.
  • Warn others about potential scams to protect fellow veterans and service members.

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