R Bank Loans

Loans For Home, For Business, and All Your Dreams

R Bank knows Loans, even if we could never imagine all the different ways you might want to use a loan to realize your hopes, your dreams, or your business strategies.

Our Personal Loans cover the range of consumer possibilities, including cars, boats, education, and more. We originate Residential Home Mortgages for you, giving you full advantage of our expertise to tame an otherwise unruly and time-consuming process. If you are already in a home, we will arrange a Home Equity Loan for you to allow you to borrow prudently to add onto or renovate your home, or take advantage of your equity for any number of other purposes.

With Business Loans, R Bank helps you finance the equipment, land, buildings, and working capital with Commercial Loans that let you execute on your vision and win in business. We also specialize in Agricultural Loans, drawing on R Bankers’ particular expertise with farming and ranching businesses, and the unusual borrowing sometimes required for crop and livestock production, breeding, seasonal revenues, and more.

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We do not process transactions; we create relationships with our customers, our communities, and our stakeholders. Every interaction we have with these groups is an opportunity to get better and do more for those we serve. This has been a difference-maker for us in all the markets where we are located.

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