Individual Retirement Account

Retire on Your Terms, With Your Own IRA

R Bank offers an array of retirement accounts to meet your needs. Consult your tax advisor for specific information about contribution levels and how an Individual Retirement Account may benefit you.

  • Option. No one knows for certain how the federal retirement program will operate when you retire. Your own IRA gives you options for funding your retirement, with a variety of maturity options with competitive interest rates. A prudent plan makes sense at any age.
  • Assurance. Fixed IRA interest rates are guaranteed for the length of the certificate, so you can make a secure and insured investment, with no worry about market fluctuations.
  • Convenience. When you set up an IRA at R Bank, you keep your life simpler with the same friendly R Banker who handles your banking needs.

Planning for retirement is challenging enough, without creating more complexity than you need. R Bank wants you to enjoy the same great relationship for IRAs that you can count on for all your banking needs.

IRA Plans Offered
Traditional IRA
Roth IRA
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Please consult a tax professional to understand which IRA plan is best for your financial needs. 

Is an IRA Right For You? Take our R Bank One-Minute IRA Test and find out. 

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