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Access your money & bank almost anywhere with our top-rated mobile banking app.


ATMs nationwide

R Bank is a member of the MoneyPass ATM network, so you have access to your money.


uChoose Rewards

Enroll in our uChoose Rewards program to earn points every time you swipe your R Bank debit card.

Mobile Banking 

ATM Network


Wouldn’t it be exciting if your regular debit card swipes could earn you real money? Now they can, with an Ea$y Checking Account R Bank! Every time you use your R Bank debit card to pay for groceries, gas, or even coffee — you get rewarded. That’s right; every swipe means a bonus of 10¢ per swipe and up to $20 a month!

You can potentially earn up to $240 per year just by an R Bank debit card with R Bank’s Ea$y Checking Account. Get earning today and start boosting your bank balance conveniently and oh-so-excitingly! The earning doesn’t stop there

Get help in person at one of our locations. Send money quickly and securely with Zelle. Earn points by swiping your R Bank card. We make switching easy with our R Bank Switch Kit. 

Transfer funds easily

Send and receive money with Zelle® right from Bill Pay online or our mobile banking app.

Account Protection

Keep tabs on your debit card with R Card Guard. Turn you card off and on, establish transaction controls, see real time balances and get transaction alerts.

Pay with your phone

With R Bank’s Mobile Wallet, you can pay with your phone when you’re on the go.