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Earn More

Wouldn’t it be exciting if your regular debit card swipes could earn you real money? Now they can, with an Ea$y Checking Account R Bank! Every time you use your R Bank debit card to pay for groceries, gas, or even coffee — you get rewarded. That’s right; every swipe means a bonus of 10¢ per swipe and up to $20 a month!

You can potentially earn up to $240 per year just by an R Bank debit card with R Bank’s Ea$y Checking Account. Get earning today and start boosting your bank balance conveniently and oh-so-excitingly! The earning doesn’t stop there.

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Did someone say rewards? With the uChoose Rewards program, swipe your R Bank debit card and watch the points add up. Imagine all the amazing things you could do with those points! Traveling to exotic locations, play the latest video games, and even get some extra cash into your account – it’s all possible with uChoose Rewards!

Earn points every time you use your debit card and redeem them for all kinds of great rewards. It’s an easy way to save while still having fun. Make the most of life by making the most of your everyday purchases with uChoose Rewards Points! Sign up today and enjoy all the rewards this account has to offer!

Shop With Rewards

Redeem your rewards online at www.uchooserewards.com for merchandise at local businesses and over 15,000 stores and online retailers nationwide.

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Travel With Rewards

Redeem your rewards on airlines, hotels, cruises, and more to take the trip of a lifetime.

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Play With Rewards

Redeem your rewards for game downloads.

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Cash in With Rewards

Redeem your rewards and turn them into cash back for yourself.

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Give With Rewards

Redeem your rewards for gift cards you can give to family, friends, or even yourself.

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uChoose Rewards® FAQ

To learn more about the uChoose Rewards® program, click the link below.