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AES Allied Electric Services, Inc.

“AES has been in business for 15 years.  During that time we have been at 3 different local banks.  We have been with RBank the last 5+ years, and the thought to ever move again, has never crossed our minds.  RBank has been great to work with on the day to day operation, as well as on all loans associated with Automobiles, Equipment Purchases, Line of Credit as well as Real Estate Loans.  All RBank employees that we have dealt with, have a great character of integrity.  We strongly recommend RBank to anyone, for Personal or Business Banking needs.”

Jimmy & Paige Paul
Owners of Allied Electric Services, Inc.

Website: AES Allied Electric Services, Inc.


ASP International, Inc. & ASP Clips, Inc.

“R Bank & Staff

I wanted to personally say how appreciative I am of you for your work and your commitment to serving your customers and their needs.   During hard times, which we are currently going thru, you have been a steady partner giving assistance when and where you can.  I appreciate all that you do and have done for me, my family and my business.  The way in which you treat me is more than just another customer, you treat us like family.  I am so thankful for your assistance and speedy processing you did on our recent PPP Loan.  With your assistance and service, this allowed us to continue moving forward in our business.  I know that when the next obstacle gets thrown in front of us you will be there ready to help.”

-Scott Lindquist

Owner ASP International, Inc. &  ASP Clips, Inc.

Website: ASP International, Inc. & ASP Clips, Inc.

BB Imaging & Consulting

“R Bank helped to quickly bring our team back together (social distancing included) so we could continue to provide healthcare to our patients.  Thank you!”

-BB Imaging & Consulting

Website: BB Imaging & Consulting

Berdoll’s Pecans

“I thought applying and getting approved for the PPP loan was going to be long and difficult. Garrett and his team emailed and called evenings and weekends and made the detailed process fast and stress-free. I have enjoyed working with the friendly staff at R-bank.”

-Berdoll’s Pecans

Website: Berdoll’s Pecans

CertaPro Painters of Central Texas

“I wanted to take this time to tell you how happy I have been with my relationship with R Bank and Rodney Morales. Since the start of my business relationship with R Bank, I have always been happy with the responsiveness and willingness to help me with my lending needs. Also, Rodney has been a great source of experience as we look at opportunities and discuss how we might move on them.

Recently, I like many others were shocked and surprised by the Covid 19 pandemic and its abrupt effect on our business. As we were navigating these scary and unknown circumstances, Rodney as always was available and asking what he could do to help. When we applied for the PPP loan made available by the government, we were worried we would not be able to be funded before the program ran out of money. I was so impressed by the whole R Bank team with how hard they worked to make sure we could get the funds we needed to get through this. Rodney was on top of it from the start, even contacting me on weekends and evenings as needed to make sure everything was in order. I have no doubt it was because of the expertise of the R Bank SBA team and Rodney that we were able to get access to these funds, when so many others were left out in the cold. This is a testament to working with a local bank and a banker who truly cares about us and our business.”

-Gregg Wilde | Franchise Owner- CertaPro Painters of Central Texas

Website: CertaPro Painters of Central Texas 

Champion Site Prep, Inc.

“RBank has been a great partner for Champion Site Prep for the last 7 years.  Early on, Hollis Bone and the whole team at RBank, recognized Champion’s intended growth plans, and facilitated with ample Line of Credit, Operating Accounts, Building Finance options, and other advice and guidance.  We could not have achieved our substantial growth without their expertise and trust.  They also helped facilitate our recent PPP application and funding – and made the whole process professional, timely, and successful.  We are proud to have RBank as part of our Team!”

-Champion Site Prep, Inc.

Website: Champion Site Prep, Inc.

Charlie Bravo Aviation

“Recent events have disrupted everything from global supply chains to small business well-being. This is when local relationships are most critical—and in our situation, R Bank exhibited both the urgency and personal touch we needed most to keep our international aviation business solvent in extremely trying times.”

-René Banglesdorf, CEO Charlie Bravo Aviation

Website: Charlie Bravo Aviation


Cornerstone Site Services, LLC

“Back in 2012, we both had a dream to create a construction company in the Austin area. Based on our faith and relationships with a handful of great employees and clients, we took the leap and started Cornerstone Site Services, LLC. With enough grit and determination, we started talking to local bankers about establishing a line of credit so we could begin the process!

Our experience with the banking community was very interesting, to say the least! After several meetings, we were pleasantly surprised to meet with R Bank. R Bank came to our office and made the banking experience a pleasurable experience. They took the time to listen to our business plan and meet our needs. From day one, their can-do attitude and efforts have been a major key to our success and sustainability.

We would highly recommend any sized company to speak with R Bank about their banking needs. From very humble beginnings in the fall of 2012 we have grown into a 30-million-dollar company with 100 employees. Cornerstone Site Services, LLC has immensely enjoyed R Bank being with us every step of the way! Their staff is professional and friendly and always treats us like we are their most important client! We always feel like we can count on R Bank and all their employees to solve problems and have our back!

R Bank is a very critical part of our professional team and we are proud to have them as our bank!”

-Mike Chaney & Greg Hampton

Website: Cornerstone Site Services, LLC

Currey Builders

“We build custom homes, but the core of our business is customer service. We are 100% invested in building relationships with our clients; our goal is to have coffee with our clients on every front porch that we build. We are exceedingly blessed to have found a banking partner that operates the same way. Travis & RBank have been with us every step of the way; we have not used another bank, and we won’t. Having a true partner and friend as a banker is hard to find, but that’s exactly what we have in Travis & RBank!”

-Brandon Currey

Website: Currey Builders

Express Metered Concrete

“The Big Box Bank was not interested in assisting with start up capital even after years of being a loyal customer with a substantial balance.  I was referred to RBank by another small business owner, took my business plan to the Georgetown branch and within three weeks we were buying equipment.  We have subsequently grown the business with RBank and financed a new home, they have had solutions for both our business and personal needs.  RBank has been personable and professional every step of the way.  RBank truly is Our Bank now!”

-Brent & Lisa Barnard

Website: Express Metered Concrete

Fat Tire Tours

“As a tourism company, Fat Tire Tours was in a challenging position when the government announced the PPP funds.  The RBank Team helped me prepare my application IN ADVANCE of the April 3rd opening so that I could be well-positioned and ready to ‘get in line’ when the applications whet live.  Further, throughout the process guidance from the SBA continued to evolve and the RBank Team kept me updated every step of the way.  My staff and I are incredibly grateful to have received funding for all five PPP applications.”

-David Mebane

Website: Fat Tire Tours

Flat Creek Estate

“We have been customers of R-Bank since we opened a business in Marble Falls in 2014. As a business owner, we value our banking relationship with R-Bank. What we value most is the personal attention we enjoy with all the employees in the Bertram Branch. When we were in need of a line of credit to establish our business in Marble Falls they stepped up to help us. Recently when the Corona Virus Pandemic Declaration by the President forced us to partially close down our business and the SBA threw out a lifeline through the PPP loan program, they worked diligently through a weekend with us to get our application submitted and approved for a loan. The value of banking with a local bank for us is personal relationships in the bank where we are not just a number. We thank all the employees in the Bertram branch for their professional banking support.”

-Rick & Madelyn Nabor

Flat Creek Estate

Website: Flat Creek Estate

Hope Alliance

“Hope Alliance operates two facilities to help victims of Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault break the cycles of violence in which they live and become survivors. As such, we’re considered an Essential Business. One facility is a Counseling Center, the other is a 30-bed Shelter.

When the pandemic descended upon us, we experienced a decrease in revenue from traditionally reliable sources, and the reasons for the shortfalls were completely understood. However, we also need funds to operate and our task became one to secure new, additional funding in order to continue our potentially life-saving services. R Bank came to our rescue when we decided to apply for an SBA PPP Loan. R Bank Representatives answered our application questions and they worked day and night, weekdays and weekends to help us submit and secure SBA PPP funding so we could stay open and our staff could continue to provide the essential services designed to help clients move on the continuum from victim to survivor to thriver.

R Bank representatives worked so hard on our behalf that it felt like they were our own staff working with us and for us, dedicated to making sure we could continue to provide services for our clients. The people at R Bank are good people. They take their jobs seriously; they are dedicated and they can be trusted. Their work was so impressive that several of Hope Alliance’s Board Members are thinking about moving their personal and business accounts to R Bank. You should consider doing the same.”

Richard M. Brown, Ed.D. | CEO | Hope Alliance

Website: Hope Alliance

Jack Allen’s & Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

“I want to say a big thank you to all the folks at R Bank, especially to Mike Shaw and Susan Popp. Jack Allen’s Kitchen and Salt Traders Coastal Cooking take pride in being part of an incredible community and partnering up in the true sense with R Bank.  Securing our loan was made easy and Mike made it simple to understand. Running restaurants is our passion and loaning money is their passion and it shows. We are so grateful to have our relationship and partnership with all these fine folks. Through these recent times of the unknown we, the staff of Jack Allen’s Kitchen and Salt Traders Coastal Cooking, can now concentrate on what we do-WELCOME AND FEED OUR COMMUNITIES. Best wishes.”

Keepin’ it better than normal

-Jack Allen Gilmore

Jack Allen’s Kitchen | Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

“We had a positive experience as possible, given the daily changes in the application and the whole process. Mike Shaw, his assistant Susan Popp and bank manager Brandi Coulter all did an amazing job in guiding us through the whole process. They were available to us nights and weekends to provide us with the assistance that we needed. If we had to do it all over again, which I hope never happens again in my lifetime, I would choose the team from R Bank because they were genuine and truly helpful.”

-Tom Kamm

Jack Allen’s Kitchen | Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

Website: Jack Allen’s Kitchen

Website: Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

Liberty Civil Construction

“Liberty has grown dramatically in the last three plus years and we would not have been successful without our partners at RBank.  We truthfully consider Travis and everyone at RBank to be part of our Team.  We are very much a “relationship” company and we have found that RBank has that same philosophy. We interviewed multiple banks ( we felt like some interviewed us) early on and we knew right away that RBank was where we belonged.  The small town feel of the bank is perfect for our business, but they have the resources to help us, even with the large dollar volume that we work with.

They have gone out of their way to assist us in every way from our daily banking needs to equipment financing, financing for our new office, and providing our line of credit.  Their assistance with our PPP Loan during the Covid Crisis was seamless as they reacted to the daily guidance that the Federal Government was providing.  It was a moving target and Travis and his team made it happen, and they made us feel like we were their priority.  They are always there when we need them and their responsiveness and customer service is unparalleled.  Thank you to everyone at RBank for all that you do to make Liberty successful!”

-Michael Ehrhardt

Liberty Civil Construction, LLC

Website: Liberty Civil Construction

Lindsay Currey

“We work with folks we know and trust, which is why R Bank was the right choice for our business banking. I’m greeted by name as I walk through the door and questions are answered promptly.  I appreciate the expertise they have given us in order to run our businesses more efficiently. We have always received excellent customer service. I highly recommend.”

-Lindsay Currey

Website: Lindsay Currey 

Maids and Moore

“I have worked with Rodney Morales at R Bank for years now. Although I have always been very pleased, I couldn’t have been happier to be their customer through the Covid-19 Pandemic. R Bank approved and funded my PPP loan seamlessly in under 1 week. They were easy to work with and very informative throughout the process. Due to their team effort and quick response, I was able to keep paychecks in 126 employees hands and keep my business going. I have heard horror stories from other business owners about not getting their funds for their PPP loan through their long term bigger banks. I recommend and will always recommend R Bank to EVERYONE, trust me they are the bank you want in your corner in a time of need. They treat all their customers the same no matter the size. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rodney Morales and the R Bank Team.”

-Holly Moore

Maids and Moore

Website: Maids and Moore

Rocket Dollar

“R Bank really came through in these unprecedented times.  Our company had been getting stonewalled with automated phone systems and automated email replies from a “big” bank when one of my friends highly recommended R Bank for personal support to process our PPP application.  On a Sunday afternoon, I received an email from one of the bank’s executives who then introduced us to the head of lending in the nearest branch to our office in downtown Austin.  Within 12 days, we spoke to no less than four people from the R Bank team and had our loan processed and funded.  Thank you for helping local companies.”

-Henry Yoshida

Rocket Dollar

Website: Rocket Dollar

Sunrise Montessori Schools

“You know how there are certain people or organizations that make a difference in your business’ success? I’m delighted to share that R Bank and my bankers, Bryon Borchers and Zac Parker, are BOTH.

When I needed a loan for my second child care center location, I was advised to look at local banks and R Bank was one of them. One of the best decisions ever. They not only offer 15% down conventional loans, but helped guide me through the process (thank you, Bryon!). My construction project finished EARLY because R Bank was so quick to send out an inspector after a draw request (one day) and then wire the money directly into my contractor’s account (two days). Once the trades realized they could turn in an invoice and get paid in less than a week, they made my new school a priority. All thanks to the speed and efficiency of R Bank’s policies.

When I had someone take one of my manual business checks and use it for fraudulent activity against my account, they not only did the typical bank actions like shut down that account and help me figure out which checks were fake or legit on the phone (I was on vacation when this happened), they also decided to credit me all of the money I lost…thousands of dollars…before recouping it from the other banks involved because they didn’t want me waiting (thank you, Zac!).

But just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Covid happened and we lost 75% of our enrollment. I had savings, but who knew how long that would last? The stress was unbelievable. Bryon immediately contacted me about pausing my business mortgage payments for three months and then submitted my PPP application. He worked overtime and weekends to get all of his clients submitted, but he got ours in before the first wave of funding ran out and kept me updated on the progress. (Bryon, have I mentioned how phenomenal you are?)

Not many organizations and the people they hire make an impact like R Bank has for me and my business. That’s why they save those long red capes for the deserving and few. R Bank will be my bank for LIFE.”

With much gratitude,

Shannon Black | Founder/President

Sunrise Montessori Preschools

Website: Sunrise Montessori Schools

Triple T Machining

“Triple T Machining has been in business for 15 years and we have grown since then. we started with 2 employees and in the last 4 years have grown to 12 full-time employees and have been able to add benefits that we pay for. We are a small manufacturing company involved with the manufacture of aerospace, medical, and oil field parts.

We were doing great until the pandemic and that resulted in decreasing employee hours and wages.

R Bank staff was very helpful with the application for the PPP and making sure the information was accurate and filed in a timely manner. We were approved for the loan and owe it all to R Bank staff. They are available and go out of their way to assist us with any needs. R Bank is our bank of choice.”

-Bryan Tarla
Website: Triple T Machining

Wolf Real Estate

“As the small business owner of Wolf Real Estate I, along with my colleagues, have benefited greatly from the services and the wealth of knowledge provided by our local R Bank. I started Wolf Real Estate in Georgetown and have collaborated with R Bank throughout the entire process to secure loans and financing for an abundance of projects. They make banking simple and efficient so that my team and I can focus on our own customers. R Bank and their team give me the confidence in knowing that they will be there to provide peace of mind that I have become accustomed to. Thank you for all you do for mine, and other small businesses.”

-Tyler Wolf

Wolf Real Estate

Website: Wolf Real Estate




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